Client Aftercare

Tattoo After care Instructions

Tattoo Dry Heal

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The artist will wash your tattoo with soap and distilled water/use clean paper towel to apply pressure and dab until bleeding stops/ apply a bandage or Skin Lock allowing the tattoo to remain clean until you get home.

Once home wash your hands with non scented antibacterial liquid soap and then the tattoo (do not use bar soap it can collect bacteria).

pat dry with clean paper towel and allow to dry for 24 hours. Do not wash the tattoo until the next day unless you suspect that it’s been contaminated.

Always wash your hands before touching the tattoo. Clean the tattoo typically 2 times a day or if you suspect it’s dirty, using the previous method. Pat the tattoo dry with clean paper towel until it stops weeping. Don’t use cloth towels as they may have collected bacteria.

Apply tiny amount of unscented skin lotion or artist recommended product when your tattoo feels dry or stiff. This keeps the scab slightly pliable to prevent cracking, weeping and causing colour loss. The use of too much lotion, (after care product) will cause heavy scabbing. Always wash hands before cleaning your tattoo or applying lotion.

During healing, your tattoo should peel similarly to a sunburn and more ink saturated areas may have heavier scabbing that requires more time to flake off.

Tattoo Wet Heal (Saniderm)

Saniderm is a second skin style breathable bandage. The artist will typically apply the first bandage for you and familiarize you with the product.

You wear the first application for no longer then 24hrs (always wash your hands first) then using warm water and a bit of antibacterial liquid soap slowly work from the edge slowly peel and wash the exposed area as you go.

Do one more over all wash of your tattoo and Pat dry with paper towel. (If the artist only recommended one application you can now finish healing with Dry Heal method)

Once cleaned and dry apply the second piece of Saniderm the artist supplied you with. Again make sure your hands are clean peel the white protective layer of the saniderm and apply it so there is at least a couple of cm beyond the tattooed area Then remove the top layer.

Try to keep your tattooed area in a relaxed position so when your moving, it does not pull to hard on the edges of the Saniderm. If your not sure or uncomfortable with the process please come back in and we can help with the second application.

You can wear the second application for no longer then 5 days. Then remove second application as you did the previous one and finish with the Dry Heal.


Your first few days are more prone to chance of infection.

Signs of infection are increase in pain versus it slowly feeling better, increased radiating redness and or swelling, discoloration of the scabbing from original ink colour.

Should you experience these or other symptoms please contact us right away and we can recommend a topical antibiotic treatment or advise you to seek medical help depending on the infection’s severity.

In case you can’t contact us in a reasonable time please seek medical help right away, the quicker we deal with the infection the less damage it will cause.

During your initial healing time stay away from pet fur or dander and use clean bedding. Wear clean loose fit clothing over the tattooed area and refrain from prolonged immersion in any water for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

When your peeling and scabbing is finished you can resume normal activities. We do recommend protecting your tattoo from exposure to sun or tanning booths as darker colours increase your risk of sunburn and degrade your tattoo quicker than normal.

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